The News

August 2019

Well another winter is nearly over and the whole farm is starting to bounce back to life. We like everyone need more rain but were lucky enough to get good rain in July. More now would be just about perfect. We’ve been busy with a fair bit of off-farm activities with trips to Tassie and Queensland so I’m a bit light on for photos this update.

I worked in the office at the local Zone 6 Kiwarrak Ride in July and had a great time. Great ride, great team behind the ride and I always enjoy catching up with the familiar faces even if I’m not competing. Being our local ride we always sponsor a Rug and this year it was won by one of our buddies, Anne Hills, riding the pure crabbet mare, Karibil Serer (Meadow View Silver Spectre/Sarah Benay). Anne & Serer tied for 1st place in the Kiwarrak Cup, were 1st LWT and also Best Conditioned Lightweight. Our other buddy Darryl riding the PC Gelding James Bonn placed 2nd MWT (after running late and taking a wrong turn again) and won the Best Conditioned Rug. This is the 8th time James has won a Best Conditioned Award. Superstar!

My own PC superstar was also in attendance, Wootton Audacious, aka “Digger”, with his new human Alyssa. They completed the 42km Training ride on both Saturday and Sunday and young Alyssa won the free ride entry for the 84km ride next year. I was delighted to see them together doing so well. They’re also doing PC and Gymkhana’s together and I love watching them progress together. I had to buy the photo in the banner for my “Wall of Fame”. Good job all round and in particular to Alyssa’s mum Amanda. Sadly Wootton Charismatic couldn’t be at this ride, though he is now a qualified open endurance horse after completing his 3 x 80km novice rides this season in the wonderful hands of Raelene Whitfield.

Only one PC foal due that I can confirm so far this season - Wootton Charisma should deliver Renasar’s first foal for us around mid November. Al Tsahir Odessa and her Daughter may be in foal but cycled mid-winter and were served again. Fenwick Briar Rose was also served last week. Her colt foal BJ, by Jamahl, is just about to be weaned. Beaucheval Spellbound will also be served as soon as I catch her cycling.

Next event: Bullio Cup. Hopefully I won’t sleep through my early morning call this time….

We’ve now joined the You Camp movement so if you would like to come and stay in our beautiful back paddock overlooking the dam surrounded by the beautiful Crabbet herd go and check us out on the You Camp site. Otherwise if you would just like to visit and see the farm and horses please contact me on the details below or via FaceBook. There is also a Facebook group called Versatile Crabbet Horses if you want to join up to get daily updates on crabbet horses all over the world. Happy trails. Linda

questions: contact or call 0417 685 244 and leave a message and I will return your call after work