The News

Autumn 2019

Update: May: Wootton Audacious is sold. Thank you for all the interest. He’s gone to a wonderful home with a gorgeous young 11 y/o rider and I’m delighted. They’ve already done 1 x 20km ride and a Gymkhana. Pictures to follow next update!

Finally we have foal news! On the 12th of January Fenwick Briar Rose delivered our first foal for a couple of seasons - a lovely pure crabbet colt, “BJ”, who we are delighted with. He is a very solid colt who will be quite tall and who is going liver chestnut. “ BJ" reminds me of his sire Jamahl who was born here about 8 years ago. I am delighted to announce that dear “Rosie” will be staying with us here in Wootton as I have purchased her off Leon Bennett of Pevensey Stud and we thank him for letting her stay here with us. 

Renasar has settled in incredibly well and has served three mares: Wootton Charisma (Boomori Finale/Chamara), Al Tsahir Odessa (Crenel/Abberdegar Majestikhan), and her daughter Wootton Moonbeam x Fenwick Silver Prince (F.Phantom/Lady Tara). Moonbeam was scanned neg originally after a tear and infection but after recovering has been served again. He’s loving life in the Stallion Paddock where he lives with the bossy Odessa and the sweet Moonbeam and where he gets to visit the broodmares next door and the herd that surround him.

Wootton Charismatic has completed his first 2 x 40km Training Rides and his first 2x 80km Endurance Rides with Raelene Whitfield. Raelene has managed him superbly, with nice slow rides and his results have been great with low pulses, all A’s and a vet stating he looked like he’d only done 40km after a quite hard ride at Mount Lagoon. His last foal has now been born, a cracking bling filly out of the pure crabbet A.Danyon daughter Chislehurst Jiselle - owned by Shannen Thorsby.

We had a fabulous time after WAHO with with some Stud Tours and a visit from Mark Tindall of Crabbet Heritage. First stop was to Wentworth Estate to see their magnificent crabbets, including the boys (A.Alexi and Shadz of Wentworth under saddle), and it was great to see A.Robard once again, looking fabulous at 29 years of age. Then we were off to Shanadarr to see their herd of pure and high percentage crabbets, with all the lovely mares and Boden’s only pure crabbet fillies. The 2 year old colt Fenwick Just Brilliant is definitely one to watch. Last but certainly not least, was a visit to Inshallah Stud to see Marillyn and Larry Odea who are now based near Cessnock with their magnificent pure crabbets, including the beautiful Tommie son, Monarch Lodge Ambition, out of Pevensey Raida. The Hunter is fast becoming a great destination for Crabbet Stud tours with all of us less than a couple of hours from Newcastle.

We’ve now joined the You Camp movement so if you would like to come and stay in our beautiful back paddock overlooking the dam surrounded by the beautiful Crabbet herd go and check us out on the You Camp site. Otherwise if you would just like to visit and see the farm and horses please contact me on the details below or via FaceBook. There is also a Facebook group called Versatile Crabbet Horses if you want to join up to get daily updates on crabbet horses all over the world. Happy trails. Linda

questions: contact or call 0417 685 244 and leave a message and I will return your call after work