The News

SEPT 2021

Well Spring has sprung and for the first time in a very long time we have no foals due. The young Renasar colt, 16 months old Wootton Majestic Night (pending) is maturing very nicely and will most likely stay entire. 

The herd have come through winter well. I’ve been thinking about my old mares lately a lot - I scared myself when I worked out their ages, I now have six pure crabbet mares between 18 and 25. I’ve put the two eldest, Al Tsahir Odessa (Crenel/Abberdejar Majestikhan) and Fenwick Freyja (F.Rendevous/F.Faylanie) in with young Majestic Night thinking there’s probably zero chance he’ll get them in foal but if he does I’ll be quite happy. In the mean time he’s learning good social skills from the old gals and they’re certainly enjoying the extra feeds.

So after those two precious old girls we have Al Tsahir Aurora at 21, Fenwick Vision at 19, Fenwick Briar Rose at 18, and Wootton Charisma will hit 17 this year which amazes me - it only feels like a few years ago I took her Dam, the Greylight daughter, Chamara, up to Chris & Ian Swan’s Kamana Stud to the beautiful Boomori Finale (now deceased). Time flies.

In some very exciting news before Covid stuffed our endurance ride season Wootton Charismatic and Raelene Whitfield completed the 80km ride at Tooraweenah in the fastest time of the day, 5 hours 41 minutes, taking out line honours, 1st Lightweight, and Best Conditioned Lightweight. Wish I could have been there though there’s many more rides ahead for this duo. Our good buddies from Shanadarr also had a very successful weekend with Darryl and James Bonn completing their first 160km together, and placing 3rd MWT. Amelia and W.Audacious (Digger) also had a successful weekend at Scenic City ride earlier in the year.

Sadly Covid has put a halt to our local Zone 6 season. The Floods made us cancel our March ride and now lockdown restrictions have cancelled our Johns River October ride. The upside is that in 2022 the Tom Quilty is in NSW in July and there’s already a very good looking ride calendar. In Zone 6 (mid north coast) we have up to six rides planned. For more information check us out on Facebook - zone 6 endurance riders - nswera. 

If you’d like to visit the Stud and meet the horses (or the very popular Barney Rubble) post lockdown just email me or touch base on Facebook or on our Versatile Crabbet Facebook Group. Stay safe and happy trails. Linda

questions: contact or call 0417 685 244 and leave a message